This lake is situated in the northern Lazio, in the main caldera of the volcanic group Vulsinio, it is an elliptic shape. With a surface of 114.5 square km., max depth 151 m. and a boundary of 43 km.; from it emerge two isles: Bisentina and Martana, probably residual volcanic products. It is mainly fed by raining water and there are numerous tributaries with just one effluent: Marta river that has its source from the port of the homonymous village and it flows into the Tirreno sea.The lake's origin begins when the Vulsinio volcanic group, following some lava eruptions, empty out and fall on itself creating a big caldera that will be then slightly fill up by water. The lake's bottom is very irregular with many roughnesses while the two beautiful isles, the Bisentina (0.17 square ) and the Martana (0.10 square Km), both full of mediterranean vegetation, contrasts the azure colour of the surface.
It is one of the best lakes for bass fishing in Italy in fact every year many "bass" competitions are carried out on this lake which is definitively full of bass. The average size ranges from 600-800 gr. to 2,500 kg.
Generally it is possible to catch around 15 to 20 bass a day but it isn't rare to catch 40 to 50 bass. The main feature of this lake is the clearness of its water and the typical aquatic herbages. Drop off and rocky elements are present as well. During the summer the lake is surrounded by a rich algal bloom which makes easier to locate bass' hunting areas.
This lake lends itself to all bass fishing techniques such as crank bait, spinner bait, jerk, carolina, texas, finesse, and drop shot.